About us

3rd Department of Internal Medicine, University of Debrecen

he 3rd Department of Internal Medicine established in 1975 and guarantees the general medical service of one third part of the population of Debrecen. The Department has specialty of the disorders of the immune system: especially the systemic autoimmune diseases, with a nationwide/regional role.

The Clinic has 113 beds (14 for the intensive care) for the medical attendance and 9 doctor’s offices are doing the attendance of outpatients beside the ambulance every day. The institute has acute service after the work-time and holiday.

Now the following subdivisions work in the clinic:

  • Division of Clinical Immunology – attendance of the patients with autoimmune disease.
  • Division of Geriatrics – Special screening and treatment in elderly
  • Cardiovascular Unit
    • Intensive Care Unit
    • Angiology
  • Immune-hematology Unit – Treatment of malignant lymphomas
  • Gastroenterology Unit
    • Immune-gastroenterology (IBD Care)
    • Endoscopy Lab
  • Regional Immunological Laboratory

The 3rd Department of Internal Medicine has a long tradition of providing outstanding care to remarkable number of patients in Hungary of all ages who suffer from immune-rheumatic diseases. This commitment to patient care extends to active engagement in clinical and basic research referring to understand the pathogenesis and to improve outcomes for patients with autoimmune rheumatic diseases. Together with patient care and clinical research, a third mission of the Department is to train the further generations of physicians and investigators who will study and care for these patients. The Clinical Immunology MD/PhD Program offers fellows the opportunity to see a wide array of autoimmune disease patients in a variety of clinical settings and to participate both in clinical and basic research.

The scope and volume of clinical and basic research necessitated a Regional Immunological Laboratory with wide range of special test palette that unique in the Hungary.